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We see ourselves as specialists and development partners in control and drive technology in the field of engine management for combustion engines, generators and turbines and in the field of electric drives.

We support our customers with customised solutions for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency.

We create attractive and future-proof jobs in a place where everyone can optimally develop their talents and skills.


As a know-how provider in control and drive technology, HEINZMANN will actively shape the path towards sustainable energy generation and mobility.

That is why we develop the best solutions for climate-neutral controls and drives for our customers as our contribution to the preservation of our planet.

Our core values

Grown competence

Grown competence

Safety, quality and efficiency have made us a reliable partner in the field of engine management and electric drives. From this strength we develop new system solutions.

Innovative strength

Innovative strength

At HEINZMANN, we let the energy of our employees flow into the further development of the company and into solving challenges. We live by the philosophy of empowerment and trust in the abilities of our employees.



At HEINZMANN, we encourage teamwork in which colleagues help each other, and we offer a fair environment with a high degree of appreciation and recognition. Together with our employees, we work with enthusiasm and energy to realise our vision of sustainable energy production.



Our cooperation is characterised by intensive and lively collaboration, appreciation and the professionalism of each individual. Global exchange is an integral part of the HEINZMANN Group.

Our Objectives

Customer satisfaction

Only excellent product quality in respect of functionality, reliable delivery, innovation, competitive prices and continuous improvement can create long-term customer relationships in a competitive global market.

Employee satisfaction

Satisfied employees are the basis for customer satisfaction. A competitive company should provide employees with a sustainable livelihood and offer them motivating, demanding, challenging and responsible duties.

Shareholder satisfaction

Only satisfied shareholders who are earning an appropriate return on their invested capital will make the necessary investments to support the company’s future development.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving production methods

Production methods should be both competitive and sustainable to maintain a liveable environment and avoid pollution legacy, so that the company can continue its success in the long term.


We promote fair competition and do not make any agreements regarding prices, markets and customers. We are open to cooperation to strengthen innovation and sustainability for the benefit of our customers.


It is our concern to increase our level of awareness and to strengthen our reputation in the public. We are involved in associations and industry organizations.

Business partner

We are reliable and fair and always act professionally towards suppliers and business partners. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination.

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