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Innovative Crankcase Ventilation Reinvented.





MWM TCG 2016

Oil Bearing

Turbine Bearing

Jenbacher J316

Crankcase ventilation of
combustion engines

Jenbacher Series 3

Since 2017, HEINZMANN IFT has been taking on the challenge of retrofitting Jenbacher Series 3 gas engines, some of which are in the field without oil mist separators, in order to achieve improvements in terms of both maintenance and engine efficiency.

Highly efficient crankcase ventilation systems for this type of engine are now being used successfully in many cases and are offered as retrofit or conversion solutions.

Product lifetimes of 30,000 operating hours without maintenance are achieved as standard.

Engine power: 850 kW

Longest validated service life: 45,000 operating hours

Oil content of the filtered blow-by gas: 0.5 mg/m³


Jenbacher J412

Crankcase ventilation of
combustion engines

Jenbacher Series 4

The aim of this project was to optimise Jenbacher Series 4 engines and convert existing crankcase ventilation systems to the improved HEINZMANN IFT solution.

This leads to considerable simplifications for the customer in terms of separation efficiency, maintenance effort and product service life.

Engine power: 960 kW

Oil content of the filtered blow-by gas: 0.5 mg/m³

Longest validated service life: > 40,000 operating hours


Jenbacher J620

Crankcase ventilation of
combustion engines


Jenbacher Series 6

Due to the large number of modifications to the Jenbacher Series 6 engine, various conversion solutions for optimised crankcase ventilation have been developed over the course of time. Each of these conversion solutions is characterised by a significant extension of the product service life.

Another particular advantage for customers of the HEINZMANN IFT solution is that the number of separators required is halved compared to the OEM system.

A vibration-decoupled bracket has been developed for installation in high vibration locations on the engine, with a particular focus on the durability of the HEINZMANN IFT oil mist separator.

Engine power: 3 MW

Oil content of the filtered blow-by gas: 0.5 mg/m³

Longest validated service life: > 40,000 operating hours


MWM TCG 2016

Crankcase ventilation of
combustion engines

MWM TCG 2016

The main aim of this project was to replace the products on the market, which were inadequate in terms of their service life, with a sustainable and cost-saving solution.

The replacement interval specified for the original system at this time was 2,000 operating hours for the fine stage of the separator and 4,000 operating hours for the preliminary stage.

After 4,000 hours of engine running time, the customer therefore incurred costs of 2 pcs. Fine stage replacement cartridge, 1 pc. replacement cartridge pre-stage as well as costs for servicing and hazardous waste disposal each time the filter cartridge is replaced.

With the HEINZMANN IFT product, the service life could be extended to 30,000 operating hours.

This results in a saving over the full service life of

  • 6.5 pcs. Preliminary stage +
  • 14 pcs. Fine stage +
  • Additional costs per cartridge replacement

The oil mist separators from HEINZMANN IFT are a 1:1 replacement solution for the existing crankcase ventilation system.

Oil Bearing Ventilation

Separation of oil mist

Oil bearing ventilation with active pressure control

The patented HEINZMANN IFT filtration technology enables a wide range of applications, which can also be optimally applied to the ventilation of oil bearing facilities and oil reservoirs.

Separation efficiency was a particular challenge in this project, as the installation site was planned to be underground.
Furthermore, the turbine system connected to the oil mist separator reacts very sensitively to changes in pressure, which is why particular attention was paid to this criterion.

Furthermore, the solution focussed on maximising the degree of separation of the oil mist and maximising the low maintenance of the overall system.

The output of the connected turbine system is 240 MW

Oil content of the filtered blow-by gas: 0.1 mg/m³
Initial installation of the systems: 2020
Annual operating time: 8,000 operating hours

Turbine Bearing Ventilation

Separation of oil mist


Turbine bearing ventilation

Due to the high rotational speeds of turbine bearings, a considerable amount of oil mist is produced in them and, problematically, released into the environment.

As the system was intended to separate the oil mist in a heavily frequented working area of the power plant, the protection of people and the environment was a particular focus. Highly efficient separation of the contaminated, oily gases was therefore essential.

There was also a need for intelligent pipework to stabilise the system pressure without causing additional maintenance work.

Oil content of the filtered blow-by gas: 0.25 mg/m³
Initial installation of the systems: 2017
Annual running time: 8,000 operating hours



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