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HEINZMANN IFT - Experts for Filter Technology

Innovative Crankcase Ventilation Reinvented.

The importance of the technical system of crankcase ventilation has increased considerably in recent years due to the increase in specific engine power.

Around 0.5 to 1% of the cylinder charge escapes into the crankcase via the piston rings, the valve guides and/or via the turbocharger circuit. Oil mist or so-called blow-by gas consists primarily of exhaust gas, combustion air and fuel and is saturated with engine oil vapour and oil droplets.

HEINZMANN IFT Products for all venting types

Improper venting or even venting into the atmosphere without prior filtration is not possible for environmental reasons, which is why most modern engines are equipped with a closed crankcase ventilation system. However, various special requirements may also make open crankcase ventilation necessary. Advantageously, HEINZMANN IFT products cover both types of application equally.

In engines with external mixture formation, the blow-by contains a considerable amount of unburnt fuel. Recirculation of the fuel by means of a closed crankcase ventilation system therefore increases the efficiency of the engine. Turbocharged engines with charge air cooling also require particularly efficient separation of the oil mist in order to avoid contamination of the intake tract and the turbocharging group and the associated impairment of engine operation and increased maintenance costs.

Closed crankcase ventilation

Closed crankcase ventilation


Based on continuous, multi-stage depth filtration in different filter media, the oil mist is separated on the fibre filaments by adhesion and adsorption in the existing oil film. Due to the strong deflection of the particles on their way through the filter medium and the barrier effect of the small-pored fibre structure, larger oil droplets are already separated with high efficiency in the pre-layers, whereas the finest particles require the entire filter depth for almost complete separation. Drainage channels incorporated in the filter medium allow excess oil to be permanently returned.

The HEINZMANN IFT concept - revolutionary technology

  •  Leading product service life with maximum separation efficiency
  •  Separation efficiencies of 99.98 % can be achieved
  • Significantly below legal limits for air pollution control (TA-Luft)
  • Maximum focus on environmental protection
  • Function proven worldwide in many millions of operating hours
  • Technology suitable for a wide range of applications

HEINZMANN IFT technology - multi-patented and future-orientated

  • Stable pressure loss behaviour over the entire product service life
  • Flow resistance is not increased unacceptably
  • Simple regulation of the crankcase pressure
  • No pore blockages due to spatial arrangement of the fibre filaments
  • Uniquely long filter service life compared to conventional competitor products

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