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HEINZMANN IFT - Experts for Filter Technology

Innovative Crankcase Ventilation Reinvented.

HEINZMANN IFT - Oil mist separators for combustion engines

Heinzmann IFT GmbH is a globally active company specialising in high-performance and innovative oil mist separators and blow-by filters for combustion engines and systems in various areas of application.

The company's proprietary technology enables separation efficiencies of up to 99.98% with a uniquely long product service life.

Customers benefit from the increased efficiency of their engines by reducing oil consumption, maintenance costs and system costs. In addition, HEINZMANN IFT products contribute to compliance with current and upcoming legal requirements.

About us

Blow By filter solutions for diesel and gas engines

Leading through innovation

  • Significantly increased product lifetimes compared to competitor products
  • Separation rates of 99.98% support compliance with legal regulations
  • Extended service intervals massively reduce ongoing expenses
  • 1:1 conversion solutions for engines from well-known manufacturers as well as tailor-made, customer-specific solutions


Relaunch of HEINZMANN IFT Website

February 2024

Get to know HEINZMANN IFT GmbH and its products anew

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HEINZMANN IFT at Marintec Shanghai 2023

November 2023

Exhibiting at MARINTEC in Shanghai for the first time

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